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Ceramic Coating protection Cambridge

Ceramic Coating protection Cambridge. Ceramic coatings are becoming the norm with most car owners. The ease of maintenance and consistent gloss makes them more appealing than the older solutions available. Maintenance is key to these coatings so ensure you use someone to maintain your vehicle properly. Ceramic shampoo's and spray sealants help to protect the

Mobile Car Valeting at Cambridge Science Park

Mobile Car Valeting at the Cambridge Science Park has been on of our focuses since we first began valeting. Cambridge Science Park  is home to many of the countries leading science and tech businesses. The Cambridge Science Park was established 48 years ago when Trinity College Cambridge embraced the concept that would change the hi-tech

Mobile Car Valeting Cambridge

Coming into the winter presents many problems for your car. Paint protection being one of the main issues. Clay barring your car & applying a wax or polish isn't just about making it shiny! Removing paintwork contamination and applying a coat of protection is about stopping dirt and other items bonding to your car. If

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