Coming into the winter presents many problems for your car.

Paint protection being one of the main issues.

Clay barring your car & applying a wax or polish isn’t just about making it shiny!

Removing paintwork contamination and applying a coat of protection is about stopping dirt and other items bonding to your car.

If they cant bond easily then it takes much longer for your car to get dirty, and a fraction of the time to then clean.

Win win!

So if you haven’t had a coat of anything in the past 6 months then call us today!

If you’ve had a ceramic coating by Gtechniq, Gyeon, Titan or autoglym then that may need boosting.

Boosting ceramic coatings revives them and breaths new life into the water behaviour of your coating.

For further advice on mobile car detailing solutions just email or call today.

Mobile Car Valeting Cambridge

Mobile Car Valeting Cambridge